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The education and training offered to all of the Local 94 Plumbers and Pipefitters members is aimed at keeping our workforce the best and most skilled in the industry. The Joint Apprenticeship Training committee will be conducting classes for all members of Local Union 94. These classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings from 5:00 until 8:30 pm. Below is a description of the courses and the ability to sign up for what you may need or are interested in obtaining in the near future. Please note, starting on 5/1/2023, an OSHA 30 card is mandatory for everyone working in the Local 94 jurisdiction; please plan accordingly if you have not yet completed this training. While the completion card does not expire, it is recommended to take OSHA outreach safety training every 4 to 5 years to stay up to date with the latest safety regulations and industry practices.

Course 1 – Welding Training

Training in all types of Welding; Stick, Downhill, Tig, Mig.

Course 2 – Certification on Backflow prevention devices

Length of class for certification is 10 weeks. ALL classes must be attended to take the certification test. Cost of the certification class is $175.00.

Course 2 – Recertification on Backflow prevention devices

Length of class for recertification is 3 weeks. Class attendance is mandatory. Cost of the 3-year recertification is $75.00.

Course 3 – OSHA 30 hour

Length of class for certification is 10 weeks. This will be MANDATORY to work in the Local 94 jurisdiction effective 5/1/2023. All classes must be attended to receive your OSHA 30 card.

Course 4 – Medical Gas Certification

This class is being offered to Journeymen so they may obtain a Certified Medical Gas Installers card. The law in Ohio requires anybody performing Med Gas work to have this Certification. Length of class for certification is 32 hours. A $136.00 fee is required to attend this class. A $30.00 semi-annual recertification fee is required to maintain your certification. Checks must be made out to Local 94 JATC.

Course 5 – Plumbing Code

This class will help prepare individuals to take the Canton Journeyman test.

Course 6 – Crane Signal Person Accreditation

An intensive crane signaling and proper techniques class used when dealing with cranes. An EPRI certification will be given to members successful in passing this class.

Course 7 – Industrial Rigging Certification

A combination of hands-on and theoretical rigging procedures now being implemented in the industry. An EPRI certification will be issued to members successfully passing this class.

Course 8 – Advanced MES Curriculum

This class will prepare a seasoned MES Serviceman to take the MES START Test.

UA Welder Qualification Continuity Report


Interested in Taking  These Courses?

Please fill out the form below, and check the courses you are interested in. If you have any questions, please call the Local 94 JATC office at 330-477-7300.
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